UTSA honors researchers for innovation

(December 5, 2013) – UTSA President Ricardo Romo, Interim Vice President for Research Mauli Agrawal and the UTSA Office of Commercialization and Innovation recognized 16 researchers yesterday with UTSA Innovation Awards. The inaugural awards spotlighted the efforts of UTSA scholars who have greatly contributed to creating a university environment that promotes innovation and the commercialization of research discoveries.

Thirteen of the 16 recipients were honored for receiving patents. They included the College of Architecture’s Dr. Richard Tangum, who is the Coordinator of the Urban and Regional Planning Program and the Director of UTSA’s Center for Urban and Regional Planning Research. Additionally, one of Tangum's patents was the first-ever issued at UTSA.

These annual awards are the lead indicators of UTSA’s success at commercializing technology.

To read more about the awards and view the full list of recipients, visit UTSA Today.