Metro Health hosts 2nd Annual Public Health & Built Environment Conference at UTSA Downtown Campus

Conference Flyer

(April 24, 2014) -- The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District will host its 2nd annual Public Health and the Built Environment conference to look at the impact of the built environment on chronic disease, environmental health and other public health concerns. The conference is scheduled for May 7, 2014 at The University of Texas at San Antonio Downtown Campus. Register for the conference here.

While tuberculosis and HIV continue to be important public health issues, the lack of exercise and expanding waistlines affecting the population contributed to the obesity epidemic of the 21st century. The conference will bring together public health professionals, architects, designers and other professionals interested in learning more about the correlation between the two.

“Intelligently built environments support and attract active, creative and healthy people,” says Dr. Thomas Schlenker, director, Metro Health.

Conference sessions will explore what works both in San Antonio and around the country when designing and creating healthy communities. 

The conference will feature national speaker Chuck Marohn, co-founder and president of Strong Towns. Marohn will address the need to rethink strategic infrastructure investments considering how communities have grown in the past. Additionally, national speaker John Simmerman, president of Active Towns, will explore the critical factors that healthy communities possess in terms of active living and the built environment. In addition, staff members from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas will present on how to cultivate successful models of entrepreneurship and workforce development and their role in creating healthy communities.  Additional regional and local speakers will present on a variety of topics related to public health and the built environment.

Conference sessions are designed to appeal to community members, elected officials, designers, planners, engineers, developers, health professionals, health advocates, school officials, bankers, students, community development lenders and anyone else interested in the topic. 

The conference is the result of a community effort lead by Metro Health in partnership with UTSA, the American Institute of Architects – San Antonio Chapter, UTHSCSA Institute of Health Promotion Research, UTSA College of Architecture, and various city departments.

“Among the many variables included in the design process, issues of healthy space and active design are paramount considerations for designing the built environment.  As architects, it is our societal duty to advise the public through appropriate design solutions that support a healthier lifestyle,” says Dr. John Murphy, Dean, College of Architecture, UTSA.

For more information about the Public Health and the Built Environment Conference, call 210.207.2002.