‘Art in the Park’ helps put Travis Park in new light

(June 2, 2014) -- Professor Kevin McClellan tells his students that architecture is art and that their creations should stand out among the nondescript office buildings that line city streets.

Proof that they learned their lessons now stands in Travis Park. It's an architectural installation called “F²” (pronounced “F squared”), a swooping 15-foot-tall and 40-foot-wide dome made of interlaced wood topped with white spikes.

“F²” is the first public art piece to go on display at the recently revitalized Travis Park in the “Art in the Park” program launched by the city's Center City Development Office. A grand unveiling ceremony with a disc jockey, cash bar and food trucks will take place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

“The structure is called ‘F²’ because we studied form-finding this semester,” said McClellan, who teaches a graduate design seminar at the University of Texas at San Antonio College of Architecture along with Andrew Kudless, a visiting instructor from San Francisco. “Our goal was to develop this program as a teaching tool of different forms that can be merged into one.”

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