2014 Commencement Spotlight: College of Architecture

By Tim Brownlee

(May 6, 2014) -- Xuhua Cheng served for a decade as an architect in her native China, working with a corporate team to turn out designs for large projects each month. When her husband accepted a job in Austin, she moved from Shanghai with him and their son, now age 9. They adjusted to the cultural differences fairly easily, but without a U.S. architecture license, she couldn’t continue in the field that she loved. But, UTSA had the answer to her problem.

Even though she had a bachelor’s and master’s in architecture from Chinese universities, she would need an American degree in order to test for the U.S. license and become an architect here. After admission to UTSA, Cheng was honored to receive the Kimberly and Ron Blank Annual Scholarship in Architecture to assist her on the path to a second master’s that she will receive this May.

For the story, which includes a video component, visit UTSA’s 2014 Commencement Spotlights.